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Lead Refining Furnace

Lead Refining

Operating Principle

The Lead refining furnace consists of a Refining Kettle/Pot, Shell, Refractory Lining, Exhaust duct, Agitator, Hood & Burner etc. The hood is normally provided with each refining kettle to absorb all the acidic fumes generated during the refining operations and convey it to the filtration system (Bag house, ID Fan & Stack duct and Wet scrubber).

The gas/fuel burner is normally uses to increase / maintain the temperature of the kettle / pot to melt the smelted lead ingots and recover the pure Lead after a dedicated refining process. The refining of Lead is a Pyrometallurgical process and removal of impurities present in the Lead bullions segregates after a certain procedure & period which is based on its different element's significance.

The drosses from the refining operations are rich in copper, antimony and tin and are to be processed in the furnace to obtain rich antimony-lead or lead-copper alloy.

Lead Alloying

This equipment can be used for Lead Alloying, wherein the raw material (crude Lead / refind Lead) is based on the specification of the desired alloy. Normally different procedures for making specific alloys are in practices.


To convert smelted / bullion Lead into pure Lead 99.97% and above.
To convert smelted / Bullion Lead into Lead alloys (as per customer specific)
To convert smelted / Bullion Lead into value added products
Eco friendly process