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If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career in Manufacturing, Trading, Projects and a global exposure in a world-class environment, then Gravita is the right place to be. Gravita acquires, develops and retains the best talent in the industry. It is truly the company of choice and commitments.

Gravita puts huge emphasis on nurturing people. The Company is among the few companies which offer the diversity of businesses, opportunities and cultures. With a truly global mind set, Gravita thrives on sharing information across borders and businesses in working environments that foster open, honest and direct communications. A decisive factor in our success is creativity. At Gravita, we attach great emphasis on fostering independence and individual responsibility. Entrepreneurial thinking, innovativeness and commitment are important for us. We combine a professional approach with commitment in the fields of research, development, production, international marketing, and administration.

Gravita, being in Lead manufacturing, plays an active role in maintaining the Health and Safety of its human capital and customers. With Safety Policy, regular Safety Audits, risk assessments coupled with stringent Cleaning, Health and Safety measures, the organization provides high level of satisfaction to the Gravita family members.

As Gravita is growing and touching new horizons, it continues to be guided by principals of good corporate governance while pushing up the profitability graph.

Gravita, vision is to enrich the quality of life by meeting essential needs of people. Mission is, to be the most respected company in the businesses and geographies we operate in and our success will be achieved by a consistent focus on : Achieving globally competitive cost levels, Enhancing the value proposition to customers, Commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Gravita believes in the saying "The success of a company depends on its workplace". Dedication and sincerity comes only with the feeling that the company cares for you. Keeping this in view, Gravita takes utmost care of its employees enabling them to perform better with each passing day.

Gravita is committed to excellence in learning and training. Learning is activated at every point in the career of the employees, providing training also - imparted through qualified experts of related field and subject matter experts.

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