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Lead Smelting Plant

Lead Smelting Plant

Secondary Lead Smelting

Secondary Lead Smelting The secondary production of Lead begins with the recovery of old scrap from worn-out, damaged, or obsolete products and with new scrap. The chief source of old scrap is Lead-acid batteries; other sources include cable coverings, pipe, sheet, and other Lead-bearing metals. Solder, a tin-based Lead alloy, may be recovered from the processing of circuit boards for use as Lead charge.

The smelting of Lead involves several elements that are required to reduce the various forms of Lead (mainly Lead oxide and Lead sulphates) into metallic Lead. Mostly this includes;

  • A source of carbon, usually in the form of metallurgical , petroleum coke, charcoal and
  • Energy, mostly available from natural gas, oil or electricity and
  • Neutralizing agents such as caustic soda, soda ash, or lime and
  • Fluxing agents also used to capture Sulphur and improve Lead recovery. Frequently this includes various forms of iron and slag enhancing materials.

Secondary Lead Processing Machinery

Gravita India Ltd exclusively engaged in establishing Lead Smelting Plant by providing Technology, Plant & Machinery, Training of personals etc.

Gravita's unique smelting technology has allowed the facility & opportunity to process a much wider range of industrial wastes and by-products than a traditional Lead recycling facility. The smelting Plant is fully integrated with pollution control modules and can be configured for a wide range of Battery Recycling Capacities.

Battery Storage/Stock Yard : The first element is a properly designed battery storage yard, which ensures proper material throughput. Gravita's project division has developed efficient designs for Battery Storage Yards for a wide range of capacities. There are many customizable options available, employing various degrees of automation.

Lead Smelting Plant / Lead Smelting Equipments

Smelting Section : The Lead bearing material from Batteries, along with appropriate fluxes, reductants, Slag and other scrap & process wastes, is smelted in a Blast/ Rotary Furnace or a combination of the two, depending on the product mix required e.g. hard Antimonial Lead, soft crude Lead etc. The furnaces operate in a temperature range of 900-1250 degrees centigrade. We supply non tilting type Rotary and Blast Furnaces designed as per the capacity requirement along with a customised complement of accessories and equipment. The blast and/ or rotary furnace(s) configuration is decided after taking into account factors like, the smelting, refining and pollution control plant configuration, designed battery processing capacity, expected capacity utilization range, desired degree of flexibility in product mix, composition of locally available raw material, consumables etc.

Gravita's furnaces are designed to minimise Sulphur-dioxide emissions in flue gases by conversion into non-leachable solid compounds to the maximum possible extent. The flue gases released are treated by the air pollution control plant, of our proprietary design, in which a typical configuration comprises of dust collectors, cyclones, cooling towers, spark arrestors, bag-house filtration units, induced draft fans (ID Fan), wet scrubbers and a chimney/stack. We provide detailed process fine-tuning and training inputs in the commissioning phase to ensure optimum functioning of our Secondary Lead Smelting Plant.

For an overview of Gravita's entire range of available services from, feasibility studies to turnkey Plant, retrofitting and modernisation of existing units for capacity expansion to pollution control reengineering; see our services & turnkey projects section. Contact Us with your requirements for a customised equipment, solutions and services package.