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Lead Pollution Control System

Primary Lead Processing

Pollution control plays an important part in the used Lead-Acid Battery Recycling and new battery manufacturing industries. Increased sensitivities to Lead and other pollutants are resulting in stiffening of the relevant mandatory environmental standards. Effective Lead pollution control system is a necessity for sustainable business operations. Well-designed solutions enable economically viable compliance with regulations while contributing to proper occupational safety and health levels. We provide effective pollution control solutions for, both new and operational used Lead Acid Battery Recycling and Battery Manufacturing Units. 

Air Lead Pollution Control

We provide the full range of services for air pollution control including consulting services, plant engineering and design, assembly and testing, system integration, commissioning, operations & maintenance and manpower training. We also undertake turnkey assignments. For operational Lead Acid Battery Recycling and manufacturing units, we undertake diagnostic studies for identifying fugitive emissions, air pollution control plant deficiencies, putting in place of monitoring measures for plant and surrounding areas to ensure environmental control and, equipment recommendations, supply and integration.

Our areas of expertise include cooling, de-dusting & pollutants removal for process / flue gases including flue gas deSulphurization, process ventilation & high temperature air / gas transfer and plant air supply & exhaust systems.

As required, we supply and deploy a wide range of customised air pollution control equipment including:

Lead Pollution Control PlantProcess instrumentation; gas cooling towers; heat exchangers; water quenches; spray towers; various kinds of fabric filter bag-houses with automated cleaning options; ESPs; deSulphurization equipment; screw conveyors; dry and mechanical dust collectors including wet & dry cyclones and cartridge/pulse-jet dust collectors; scrubbers- both dry and wet types including Venturi Scrubbers, disc drought nut , horizontal baffled and ejector scrubbers; various types of fume & mist extractors and collectors; single stage forced / induction draft fan units etc.

Effluents and Solid Waste Management

We provide comprehensive services in layout, design, modification, process selection, and erection & commissioning supervision, for effluent treatment plants, with expert inputs on efficient conversion of liquid effluents to safely disposable / marketable forms.

Our solid waste management solutions include: design & consulting services for solid waste treatment, including conversion of the discard Slag and other process wastes to marketable / safely disposable forms; selection and design of in-plant hazardous material storage facilities and disposal landfill sites. 

Contact us for a detailed evaluation of, and customised economic and proven solutions for your pollution control requirements.