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Spent Lead Accumulators Processing

Battery Scrap

Today Lead Accumulators or Batteries are used everywhere & in ever field. The reason is simple batteries can run anything & that’s why they have a major usage of World Lead. About 71-72% of the World Lead production is being used for Lead Acid batteries 7 ever year these used batteries or the dead batteries constitute a major share in Hazardous Waste. To be more technical as per International market SPENT is the name given to these Used Lead Acid batteries (ULABs).

Lead Scrap Accumulator Processing

Being hazardous, it requires a special treatment i.e. organized way of Recycling and we are capable of supplying machines & equipments for Recycling Lead from these Spent Batteries in Eco-friendly way. Our Technology is based on Pyrometallurgical Process & can process to produce 99.97% purity Lead. We provide complete solutions for Lead Smelting/ Recycling including Effective Pollution Control System.

In order to make the environment free from contamination from the Lead Poison, Recycling is the only option available for these SPENTs.


"Let’s Join Hands together for Eco-friendly Recycling & initiating Green Revolution in this world."


Lead PlantLead Processing Plant for Spent Battery

'Gravita India.', offers turnkey solution for Lead Processing Plant for Spent battery. We are one of the Leading Turnkey Projects Supplier for Lead Smelting & Recycling. Thorough our turnkey projects we work closely with our customers to fulfill their specific needs for customized packaged solution for them. We are committed to providing tailor-made solutions for processing and recycling of Spent Battery & Lead Oxide Plant with a special focus on delivering value and effective pollution control.