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Research and Development (R & D)

Gravita’s in-house Research & Development effort is geared to continuous improvement in Battery Recycling Plants and furnace designs for greater efficiencies. Special attention is paid to the integration of emerging technologies in our solutions.

We have our own manufacturing facilities in India & other part of world; where we do in-house research and improvement in Battery Recycling Plants & Battery Recycling Process, which give us a Leading edge against other Battery Recycling Plants & Battery Recycling equipment Suppliers for Lead Battery Recycling, Lead Refining & Lead Oxide Manufacturing. Our aim is to provide our customers with solutions which have the optimum blend of proven and state–of-the-art technologies.

The Company is very much concerned taking the environment and always strives to do as much as possible to make the environment pollution free. With this end in view, the company has produced countless programs and made researches to sustain the pollution free environment. The company has conducted in house research and development while testing its Battery Recycling plant and Battery Recycling equipments to ensure that they meet

  • Improvements in pollution control efficiency, specifically in reduction of particulate and gaseous emissions.
  • Zero Liquid Effluent Discharge solutions for Battery Recycling.
  • Conversion of hazardous solid wastes to saleable-usable forms to the maximum extent.

Technology for Lead Manufacturing


  • Meets Environmental Laws.
  • Safe Place to Work.
  • Sources only whole Scrap Batteries.
  • Recycles 98% of the Scrap Batteries generated.
  • Promotes Sustainability.

We at Gravita are committed to providing tailor-made solutions for processing and recycling of Lead Battery Scrap & with a special focus on delivering value and Effective Pollution Control. Our Plants are targeted at maintaining high levels of Environmental Integrity and Cost competitiveness. Our operations conform to ISO-9001 and ISO-14000 guidelines. We are a global leader in Smelting solution provider & provide Technology and Solutions for Lead Smelting, Lead Refining, Lead Alloying and Lead Oxides Manufacturing & Processing. Apart from Lead Smelting we also provide technology and equipment / plant for Lead Scrap Recycling process, Secondary Lead Smelting Plants, Recycled Lead ingot production, Purification of Lead metal and Lead Oxide manufacturing.